Officer Daddy - Jacqueline Diamond

Released February 2011

Officer Daddy continues Jacqueline Diamond's long-running Safe Harbor Medical series. It's a very quick read with plenty of passion and a quick mystery to boot.

Readers of the series will be delighted to know that the book begins with the wedding of Tony and Kate (His Hired Baby.) Tony's brother, Leo Franco, is happy to be trusted with the care of his niece and nephew during the wedding and reception and even happier when he meets a gorgeous blonde OB/GYN, Nora Kendall, who takes over diaper changing duty. Their instant connection leads to a one-night stand resulting in pregnancy.

Nora's had her heart broken when her husband left her for a much younger woman. When she learns his new wife is pregnant, Nora feels doubly rejected because he told her he didn't want kids. Nora's attraction to Leo is immediate, even if he is five years younger, but she never expected to become pregnant. To complicate matters, Leo made it clear at the wedding that he's not ready to become a dad. Nora realizes she's about to learn what single parenting is all about. Meanwhile, the more Leo thinks about fatherhood, the more he wants to be part of this baby's life, but how can he convince Nora that he's suddenly ready?

Officer Daddy continues the stories of the staff at Safe Harbor. I was thrilled to see Nora finally seeing her dream of having a baby coming true, even if I am surprised she never even thought of birth control. Seems out of character for an OB/GYN.

There's a mystery in Officer Daddy that adds another dimension to the story. First, Nora learns the new fertility director isn't happy with her work. He wants her to use newer technology while failing to look at the whole picture, including if the couples can afford the methods he wants her to use. Nora knows her performance is being scrutinized. When it comes to light that someone is selling the names of patients struggling to conceive to an adoption attorney, Nora turns to Leo for help. She needs to know who is breaching patient confidentiality. Together, they unravel the mystery.

By itself, the romance between Leo and Nora isn't very complicated. Nora does have her reservations, but she doesn't let them overcome her. It's the addition of the mystery that creates a nice balance of tension and romance creating an enjoyable story. I can't say this has been my favorite of the books in the Safe Harbor series, Jennifer and Ian's story holds that spot, but it's a great addition and gives readers the chance to see how previous couples are doing.


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