Life From Scratch - Melissa Ford

Released November 24, 2010

Written by award-winning blogger Melissa Ford, Life From Scratch features recent divorcee Rachel Goldman. Rachel's heartbroken over her divorce, after all she was married for 12 years she's allowed to be out-of-sorts. She realizes that her former life of take-out meals for two is over if she plans to afford having a roof over her head. Therefore, she decides it's time to learn how to cook. Chronicling her culinary adventures, as well as lessons she's learned before and after her divorce, Rachel Goldman shares all in her blog titled Life From Scratch.

The novel seamlessly blends Rachel's blog with the narrative regarding her life and relationships. Her goal is clear. She wants someone unlike her ex. He was a workaholic lawyer attempting to make partner. Her first date turns out to be a replica of her ex. Date number two is everything she imagines she needs, only to realize what she thinks she wants isn't the same as what she needs.

Quite simply, this is a charming and witty novel that proved impossible to put down. Once I'd started reading, I needed to know if Rachel would end up with her hunky new Spanish beau. Rachel makes mistakes along the way and is never ashamed to admit her faults. By the time the book ended, I felt like Rachel was a true friend.

Life From Scratch is a delightful novel. There is nothing about the book that bothered me or felt like it didn't quite fit. I'd happily re-read this novel making it a book for my keeper shelf. Melissa Ford certainly has a winner with this novel and I hope there is plenty more to come!


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