A Creed in Stone Creek - Linda Lael Miller

Released February 22, 2011


Now guardian of his best friends' five-year-old son, Steven Creed moves to Stone Creek to start a new life. His plans include renovating a run-down ranch and work pro bono in the small time as a defense attorney. He really just wants to help young Matt move on after losing both parents.

Melissa O'Ballivan is the county prosecutor and is stunned to find herself so drawn to Steven and Matt. After her last relationship ended, she came to realize just how much she missed the children she'd been helping raise. She's not sure getting involved with another single dad is a smart move. Yet, the more time she spends with Steven, the more she wants to be part of their lives. But she's a prosecutor and Steven's a defense attorney, so how can they make it work when their jobs have them pitted against one another?

A Creed in Stone Creek continues the Creed saga, while also tapping into the McKettrick series and the Stone Creek series. Readers will catch up on many favorite characters while reading Melissa and Steven's story.

Linda Lael Miller's always been a master at creating emotional situations and characters who feel like friends. She paints a charming picture of small town life that makes this reader wish all towns were like that. I may live in a small town, but the sense of community is seriously lacking. I love reading Linda Lael Miller's novels because it makes me hope that some day I'll find my very own Stone Creek.


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