Post-Holiday Catch Up

For Christmas, there was only one thing on my list. I was dying to own a Kindle. Despite my attempts, the Kindle became a challenge to order. Because I had Best Buy Rewards and Gift Cards to use up, we went there to order the Kindle in mid-December. Sure, I could have ordered from Amazon, but I had $40 in certificates so it made sense to shop local.

Our Best Buy was sold out, but promised they could get one in by Wednesday, so we went ahead and paid for it. Turns out that was a HORRIBLE mistake. Amazon told area stores (I checked Best Buy here and in neighboring states and Staples in Vermont and neighboring states) that the Kindles were in high demand again this year and they had orders to fill before they could accept additional orders. Shipping delays until after New Year's were guaranteed. I honestly didn't want to wait and opted for the Nook.

Now, I do understand the Nook doesn't have the same storage capacity, though I can add an SD card, so that's not a problem. The Nook also has a much shorter battery-life, but I work on the computer daily, so I don't mind charging it as needed. I've used about a third of the battery right now between my kids playing games on it (comes with Sudoku and Chess), my daughter reading her book one night and downloading books to it and checking everything out. It's better than my laptop, so I won't complain.

What does amaze me is the screen. My teen son compared it to an Etch-a-Sketch. He's right, it does have that quality. Words are crisp on the page. Controls are easy, including the touchscreen that I'd heard others complain about. It doubles as an MP3 player, so that's never a bad thing. Best of all, I took it out into sunlight and didn't have any problem reading outside (though it's downright cold and blizzard-like right now, so I won't do that until summer.) Day three with my Nook and I'm overjoyed.

One thing I really like is how easy it is to use a site most publishers are now using for review copies (NetGalley). It takes seconds to move a book from NetGalley to my Nook. It was easy to figure it out and in a matter of seconds a book is ready for reading. I'm hooked.

I've played with my friend's Kindle and my Nook and honestly they're both great, but the Nook being readily available locally gives it the edge in my opinion.


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