Love Finds You: Under the Mistletoe - Irene Brand & Anita Higman

Released September 2010

Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe is another entry into the Love Finds You collection of gentle romances. They are Christian novels to an extent given the scripture and Christian references, but I think anyone looking for a heartwarming story will adore the romances.

Irene Brand's entry, An Appalachian Christmas, shares the story of Julia Mayfield. She has no experience caring for children, but that doesn't stop her parents from sending Julia on a trip with her toddler nephew in tow. Julia's sister died during childbirth and the father of the baby died in WWII. Julia's heading to Mistletoe, Kentucky to introduce her nephew to his paternal grandparents. In Mistletoe, things don't go as planned when the boy's grandparents refuse to see him. She's taken in by David Armstrong's grandmother hoping they might come around. David Armstrong is hiding a secret that he can't reveal to Julia, but he's falling in love with her just the same. Meanwhile, she's falling for David, but can she really give up everything to stay in Mistletoe?

Once Upon a Christmas Eve is Anita Higman's offering. Holly Goodnight's mother abandoned her as an infant. Now that Holly's store has been named Best Christmas Store in America, she's caught the attention of a novelist who wants to turn her childhood tale into a heartwarming story the public will love. As she spends more time with Van Keaton, Holy begins to wonder if she's found Mr. Right at long last. Her best friend since childhood, Owen Quigley isn't as pleased and needs to figure out how to reveal his true feelings before it's too late.

The two stories in Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe are incredibly satisfying. They're the perfect length for between holiday errands or cookie baking. As is true of Christian romances, you won't find the sex, but that doesn't make the chemistry any less apparent. Both sets of characters have an obvious attraction that warms the reader's heart with each turn of the page.


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