How Sweet It Is - Sophie Gunn (Contemporary Romance)

Released January 2011

Lizzie Carpenter understands the struggles single moms face. As a pregnant teen, her boyfriend up and left for Europe without a word. Fourteen years have passed and Lizzie is employed and spends as much time with her daughter as possible. Her home may need repairs but being a loving mom comes first.

When Lizzie and her daughter, Paige, receive a letter from the father Paige has never met, both fly into a state of panic. Lizzie is terrified he'll take her daughter away, Paige is ashamed he'll see the house and think poorly of them. Lizzie meets with her "Enemy Club" former high school enemies who are now friends and makes a wish that a handyman will knock on her door and start making repairs without wanting anything in return.

Enter Tay Giovanni. He's in the small New York town hoping to make amends for tragic situation he played a role in. While trying to work through his guilt, he overhears Lizzie's wish. He has the skill to fix up her house and makes the offer. He'll help her out until it's his time to leave and wants nothing in return.

Lizzie can't believe a man that good looking doesn't want something. However, the more time she spends with him, the more she finds herself falling in love. Can she stand forming a relationship with someone who's made it clear he plans to get out of town when the moment is right?

How Sweet It Is balances the blend of characters and plot extremely well. Many romances tend to focus on one or the other and months after reading it, you may remember a character or the plot but not both. With How Sweet It Is, I definitely think I'll remember Tay in particular. His situation could be that of anyone's and the pain he feels comes through clearly throughout the book.

Sophie Gunn's romance sets the stage for a series of novels. Each member of the Enemy Club has a story to tell. It sounds like Nina's story is next, though quite honestly, I'd love to read Jill's story next. I think of all the women in the Enemy Club, Jill and Lizzie have the best possible link and Jill's story will tie in incredibly well!


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