Goodnight Tweetheart - Teresa Medeiros

Released December 14, 2010

First, let me say that Goodnight Tweetheart is very addicting. I am one of those thousands, maybe millions, that think Twittering is a fad that will eventually disappear. I have no use for Twitter and am somewhat saddened that people feel it's a good thing to share intimate details of your life. Too many sickos in the world for my liking to even think of doing that.

Given that, Goodnight Tweetheart is all about Twittering. After having a successful first novel, an Oprah pick no less, Abby Donovan's discovered that fame can be fleeting. Her publicist urges her to sign up with Twitter and start connecting with her fans through that medium. As a n00b, Abby connects with a college professor who is current on sabbatical. Mark Baynard shows her the ropes and soon a strong connection forms between the two.

While Mark's touring the world, Abby begins to realize she may have met Mr. Right. That is until the truth about who Mark really is comes to light...

I've read many of Teresa Medeiros' historical romance novels over the years. I was intrigued with her entry into contemporary romance/women's fiction. Though the characters are solely chatting through Twitter, they still build a strong romance. 

I admit, I like a book that delivers the unexpected, this time I was surprised, if not possibly shocked. But, I don't plan to give spoilers. All I can say is read Goodnight Tweetheart and then feel free to head to the comment section and share your thoughts on Mark's big secret.


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