Family Affair - Debbie Macomber

Released January 2011

I'll start off by saying this is not a new story. Debbie Macomber's Family Affair was first released in 1994 in Purrfect Love. This is not a long story, expect a total of 99 pages. The novella follows with a few recipes for homemade cat treats. Readers whose cats have sensitivities to grains, like my boys, should note that the recipes all call for whole-wheat flour and/or cornmeal.

In Family Affair, Lacey Lancaster moved to San Francisco after learning her husband was leaving her for another woman. Lacey's kept her heart locked away and doesn't think men are particularly trustworthy. The light of her life is her Abyssinian cat. She's not of fond of her neighbor Jack, a man she is convinced is cheating on his girlfriend.

Jack Walker noticed Lacey the day she moved in and he wishes she'd give him the time of day. One evening while he and his sister are having an argument, Lacy shows up at his door asking them to tone it down. His tomcat escapes and mates with Lacey's cat. This gives him the perfect opportunity to become a part of Lacey's life, even if it is only until the kittens are born.

Soon, the pair find themselves falling head over heels. Does Jack have the skill to show Lacey that not every man is a cheater and that he's hear to stay?

Family Affair is a cute story, though I'm not sure it's good enough to make my permanent library. It's short enough to read in an hour or two, but satisfying enough that the story will stick in the back of your mind.


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