A Taste of Romance - Roni Denholtz (Contemporary Romance)

Released December 2010


Meet Nicole Vitarelli, host of the new cable show A Taste of Romance. Nicole's show is doing well, but her executive producer wants to put a face to the boyfriend she's always mentioning on air. There's one big problem, Nicole's as single as they come!

Desperate to find a stand-in beau, Nicole asks her neighbor, Jeremy Perez, to play the part of her boyfriend. He agrees on one condition, Nicole must cook dinners for him from time to time.

Nicole loves to cook and she certainly doesn't mind being in Jeremy's company, so this arrangement can't be bad! There's just one little problem. The pair of them have relationship phobias that they must overcome if they can make a real go of their budding romance.

I fully enjoyed the relationship between Nicole and Jeremy. They clicked from the start and had a great thing going. Now, every romance story has to have that hurdle. I'm still waiting on that one romance that ignores that common plot device and goes for that dose of originality.

I know from experience that people can have a happily-ever-after romance without running into some disagreement or misunderstanding. I kind of hoped that A Taste of Romance would be that one to bypass the norm. It's not, but the story is still great. Avalon Books aren't long, so if you like series romance, you're bound to enjoy this one!


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