No Place to Run - Maya Banks (Romantic Suspense)

Released December 2010

Five months after a passionate affair, Sam Kelly is shocked to find Sophie Lundgren floating half dead in the lake behind his home. He and his brothers, all part of the Kelly Group International, nurse the pregnant Sophie back to health. All are suspicious of her actions, but she's told them they're all in danger, so safeguarding all members of the family takes priority.

Soon, it's apparent just how much danger they all face. Keeping Sophie, her and Sam's unborn child and the rest of the family is going to require every ounce of skill the men and women of KGI possess.

The storyline in No Place to Run certainly takes an important place in this story. The reader knows Sophie's secret from the start, but the rest of the KGI has to learn what she's hiding. This heightens suspense as the reader waits to see if they'll be able to figure it before it's too late.

Sam and Sophie's relationship is very steamy. Romantic scenes heat up the room and definitely relate just how much these two characters need each other. Other characters are given a little room to grow and it's clear that Garrett's story is next. I can't wait to see Garrett fall head over heels! Readers are treated to a glimpse of Ethan and Rachel (The Darkest Hour) now that their story's been told. If you missed the first entry into this series, No Place to Run does stand alone, but, like me, you'll probably be intrigued with the family and want to read the first book.


  1. Thanks for alerting me to this series. I'll track it down!


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