The Holiday Triplets - Jacqueline Diamond

Released December 2010

The latest entry into Jacqueline Diamond's Safe Harbor Medical romance series shares Sam Forrest's story. Sam's created a few ripples as head of pediatrics. Once again, she finds herself in a heated battle with the hospital administrator, Dr. Mark Rayburn, when she learns he wants her clinic space for a new fertility lab.

Things take a turn when one of the teen moms Sam's been counseling gives birth to triplets and decides they're too much. Sam's already fallen for the newborns and agrees to adopt them herself. Mark is shocked that workaholic Sam would agree to add more chaos to her life. However, the more time he spends with her, the more he's falling in love. The question remains--will she ever see him as more than an obstacle to her life goals?

Set in the midst of the holiday season, The Holiday Triplets is a sweet romance. Characters shine and adjust to new situations. I'll admit that I felt Mark, given his role as hospital administrator, was a little on the wimpy side and often did as he was told rather than what he felt was best for his hospital. It took me a bit to warm up to him for that reason.

Sam's been a favorite character. She's bold and definitely doesn't care if she's upset someone in the process of getting things done. She certainly has her flaws, but then no one is perfect. She's all about the greater good and not keeping everyone happy. Sometimes in life, you have to take the reins and get things done. I think that's what made me enjoy her so much. I saw a little of myself in her.

Jacqueline Diamond's The Holiday Triplets is an easy read. Perfect for filling time between cookie batches or holiday gift wrapping.


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