The Fall - Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan (Horror)

Released October 2010

Continuing where 2009's The Strain left off, The Fall continues the saga as man battles vampire to save the planet. I highly recommend reading The Strain first. It details a lot of backstory involving the characters and their plight.

 A few characters share center stage in the second of this trilogy. Ephraim Goodweather is doing all he can to keep his son, Zack, safe. Zack's mother has been turned and desperately seeks Zack so that she can obey her master's request that she spread the disease to her pre-teen son. While trying to remain a step ahead of his ex-wife, Ephraim is also trying to help learn how the vampiric disease came about and what they can do to stop it.

Abraham Stretrakian survived the Holocaust and is damned if he'll let vampires end his life. He knows more about the vampires than anyone and knows that everyone's future depends on his obtaining the rare book Occido Lumen.

Joining them in the quest to end the vampire race are Vasiliy Vet, an exterminator; CDC Dr. Nora Martinez and Gus Elizade, a teenager and seasoned criminal. No one truly understands the danger that awaits them as the Master and a horde of ancient vampires begin their own battle for control of humankind.

Guillermo del Toro wowed me years ago with his story Pan's Labyrinth. His vampire series is just as amazing. It's brutally graphic, yet there is incredible heart to each of the characters. I definitely found it easier to bond with the characters this time around.

With the exception of the vampires, it's hard to decide which character could be expendable if it comes to that point. The vampires grow more cunning and I thought there was a little more detail into the hideous creatures, particularly with the aspect of their "stinger" and the worms within them this time. The writing is incredibly vivid and it's easy to create mental images as the scenes play out. I can't wait to see how Eph and his team defeat the Master, the rest of the vampires and restore hope for humanity, if that's even possible...


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