The Duke's Night of Sin - Kathryn Caskie

Released December 2010

Following the death of her fiance, Lady Siusan Sinclair has felt empty. A passionate encounter in a dark library invigorates her, but at the same time, she knows she's risked a lot by having sex with a complete stranger--unprotected sex at that. Her family's already been through numerous scandals, so she opts to run off and become a teacher at a school for young girls. If she is pregnant, her father will never know.

Sebastian Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, must find a bride. However, the only woman to appeal to him is a complete mystery. He never saw her face, only her dress as she ran from the dark library where they made love. He knows she is the woman he needs, yet he has no idea how to find her. When he heads to Bath to discuss Gemma, his niece's, education, he's surprised at how drawn he is to Gemma's teacher. Little does he know that his mysterious woman and Gemma's teacher are one and the same.

The Duke's Night of Sin is the third novel in the Sinclair's series. I missed the first two books and didn't feel I lost any backstory with the Sinclairs. I don't necessarily think you must read the books in order, though after reading Siusan's story, you may be intrigued enough to go back and catch up!

Full of passion and romance, I found Kathryn Caskie's novel to be mesmerizing. I read it in one sitting and would love to read more. I'm especially eager to see who the younger sister, Priscilla, is matched when her novel is written.


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