Dead Even - Brad Meltzer (Legal Fiction)

Released November 2010

Every now and then a book really catches my attention and Dead Even is one that hooked me from the start. The story is pretty involving. Sara and Jared Tate are happily married attorneys. Sara's finally landed a job after months of searching and she's working for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Jared is a defense attorney on the ladder for promotion to partner.

On Sara's first day as ADA, she takes a case meant for another lawyer but that seems so dull, she figures he'll never miss it. She finds out soon enough just how wrong she really is. The simply burglary case isn't quite what a seems. Suddenly, Jared's dragged into the case after the accused hires him as his defense attorney. Jared's been told that if he loses, Sara dies. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger catches up with Sara and informs her that if she loses, Jared dies. If they tell anyone else, again their spouse dies.

Dead Even is gripping from the start. It's one of those rare books that hooks you in and keeps you up till the wee hours because you just have to know how this horrible predicament is going to be resolved. Author Brad Meltzer creates incredibly evil bad guys making it clear that they will do exactly what they've promised.

Originally published in 1998, Dead Even is definitely worth reading if you missed it the first time around. I found it hard not to try to cast the characters while reading because I see potential blockbuster smash with this chilling legal suspense!


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