The Best American Comics 2010 - Edited by Neil Gaiman (Comics)

Released October 2010

Comics by nature are subjective. I never understood my brothers' fascination with superheroes any more than they understood my passion for Archie comics. The Best American Comics 2010 introduces segments of what the editors felt were some of today's best comics, many came from graphic novels.

Qualifications for those comics that made it into this book included:

  • Book had to have been published in North America
  • Publication date had to have been between September 1, 2008 and August 31, 2009

Among the comic snippets, I certainly had favorites. C'est ci n'est pas une comic (A George W. Bush Administration Retrospective) cracked me up. There's a lot of truth to that one.

The Lagoon was intriguing, somewhat creepy yet also slightly romantic. The comic series starting with Defining Beauty that chronicles a pregnancy certainly will hit many women as being very, very true. But hands down, it was The Alcoholic that made me cry. There's so much truth to that story and it will be hard for anyone to not be affected by it.

You'll find a wide range of comics, including a snippet from Scott Pilgrim, a take on Genesis and the extremely true The War on Fornication.

Comic aficionados will love the collection of comics found within. Maybe in future editions we'll find one of my favorite comics, Questionable Content, as it has finally been released in a book format.


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