Somewhere Along the Way - Jodi Thomas (Contemporary Romance)

Released November 2010

Following on the heels of June's Welcome to Harmony, Somewhere Along the Way continues sharing stories about residents in Harmony, Texas.  Reagan Truman is about to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. She wonders if she and Noah should be more than friends and also finds someone new who catches her eye.

Attorney Liz Matheson is new in town, ready to start life on her own and away from her slightly domineering mother and man-hating sister, Claire. When Liz meets her strange building mate, she's shocked at how powerful her attraction is to him.

Gabe Leary wants to be left alone. How he ended up trading kisses for answers to Liz's prying questions is beyond him, but he's defenseless against his strong attraction to her. However, secrets from his past keep him from wanting to bring her into his life of seclusion.

Hank Matheson, Liz's brother, still wants nothing more than to marry Sheriff Alex McAllen. She's just as determined to keep their relationship as it is. She cannot see reason behind marriage when everything is perfect the way it is.

A stranger comes to town and spends her time crying in the graveyard. No one knows who she is or why she's there, but Harmony's residents hope they can change this lonely woman's life.

Events culminate when Reagan is injured. Suddenly, a town full of good friends and secretive strangers converge to help the young woman. When the dust settles, no one will remain unchanged.

Somewhere Along the Way is extremely powerful and gripping writing. It's full of passionate moments, hidden secrets and likable characters. Given that, there were a number of subplots and when all was revealed, I felt a little cheated. Not by the way things ended, but that everything seemed resolved at the speed of light. That rush to a conclusion didn't work for me. I wanted more. Hopefully with the next book in this series, I'll get to see exactly where each character is and how they are doing.


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