Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis (Contemporary Romance)

Released October 2010

There's nothing like a cold, rainy day to help you lighten your reading pile. With my kids glued to their game system and household chores done early, I pulled out some books, found a cozy place near the heater and spent an afternoon engrossed in books.

Jill Shalvis' latest release, Simply Irresistible, takes the reader to Washington State. Maddie Moore's mother has died and she and her half-sisters have inherited their mother's coastal inn. Given that Maddie's just lost her job and loser boyfriend in one shot, she's ready for a change of pace. She just needs to convince her sisters that renovating the inn is the best plan of action. Not an easy task because they want to sell quickly and get back to their lives elsewhere.

Though she's sworn off men, Maddie's first day in Lucky Harbor finds her enjoying the attentions of Jax Cullen. When she learns Jax is the handyman the sisters need to hire to fix up the inn, she's uncertain how well this will work out. The last thing she wants is another man to ruin her life, but Jax is incredibly hard to resist!

Simply Irresistible pulls no punches. Sparks fly immediately and Jax and Maddie are unable to keep away from each other. Of course there has to be conflict, but it's all internal and up to Maddie to overcome. I definitely liked that option over the overused evil ex-boyfriend returns and wants to kiss and make up technique used in so many romances. Even though it's a minor change of pace, it meant the world to this reader to have that fresher option.

For a true feel-good romance, you definitely can't do better than Jill Shalvis. I'm eager to see what's brewing for Maddie's sisters. Their stories are to come.


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