One Lane Bridge - Don Reid (General Fiction)

Released October 2010

From the first page, something about One Lane Bridge held my attention firm to the pages. Before I knew it, I'd finished this charming tale of one man's unusual discovery. It's the perfect book for cozying up on a cold snowy or rainy day.

J. D. Wickman and his wife are empty-nesters with a little dilemma on their hands. One of their waitresses is stealing money. They trust these women and can't imagine one of them would hurt them that way, but the evidence is clear and they must now face the task of determining which woman is the thief.

They also are concerned with their college-aged daughter. After an attack on campus, their daughter is shaken up and wants to come home and  take a semester off. J. D. seems okay with the decision but his wife is less than thrilled.

All of these becomes a minor concern to J. D., however. One night while out driving, he loses his cell service and his car overheats.  He walks up to a small farmhouse to ask for help and discovers an unusual family. They don't have a phone. The woman is very sick and they can't afford medical help or groceries. J. D. wants to help them out, but the husband is too proud to accept charity.

When J. D. returns the next day with his wife in tow, J. D. makes a shocking discovery. It makes him and those around him doubt his sanity. J. D. is determined to unravel the truth about this family and find out what led him to them in the first place.

One Lane Bridge may be a Christian novel, but it's a feel-good story that anyone will enjoy. It's not preachy and is, instead, part general fiction, part mystery with a dose of paranormal tossed in. The characters, setting and themes all work flawlessly at holding the reader's attention from start to finish.

As a side note, the author Don Reid is the same Don Reid of the Country group the Statler Brothers. I'm not a huge country fan, but it's obvious that Don Reid has incredible talent when it comes to storytelling. If you want a lighthearted read that keeps you guessing, One Lane Bridge is a great choice.


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