Montana Glory - R. C. Ryan (Contemporary Romance)

Released November 2010

The final entry into R.C. Ryan's McCord series finds Zane McCord falling head over heels for a single mom. Riley Mason is hired to get the books balanced at the McCord Ranch and she couldn't be happier. On the run, she needs a place where both she and her four-year-old will be safe.

It isn't long before Riley realizes she doesn't want to live without Zane, but she can't expose the family to the danger from which she is running. Meanwhile, Zane knows there is something more to Riley, and he wants to get to the bottom of her secrets.

Montana Glory offers a couple sub-plots. First, the long-running mystery about the supposed treasure on McCord property finally reaches a conclusion. Readers will learn whether Coot McCord was simply a storyteller. The other storyline involves Coot's sister and the ranch foreman Cal who are in love but too blind to see the truth. Readers will finally discover if there is a happily ever after for the older pair.

Characters from the past two novels, Amy and Jesse (Montana Legacy) and Wyatt and Marilee (Montana Destiny) appear frequently in this novel. You'll learn what the couples are up to now. Plus, you get to know Riley and her precocious four-year-old daughter Summer. They are a great match for Zane who's always been a bit of a playboy.

Montana Glory ends the series on a very positive note. But at the same time, I do hope in the years to come we might get to experience the family as they've aged. Maybe returning a couple decades later to share more of Summer.


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