Love Finds You in Sugarcreek Ohio - Serena B. Miller (Amish)

Released July 2010

With her aunts getting older, Rachel Troyer is hoping she can persuade them to give up their bed and breakfast. She has enough money for them to retire for good and enjoy the rest of their lives. However, their Amish beliefs have them determined that they must continue to offer their home to others.

When a stranger shows up in Sugarcreek, the aunts are only too happy to take him and his young son into their home and lives. Rachel is less than pleased. She's uncertain about Joe Matthews, he's hiding something and she's determined to unravel the truth.

Joe Matthews is on the run and he simply wants to find a place where he and his young son can start again. When he's offered a job helping to repair and maintain the Troyer sister's bed and breakfast, he thinks things might finally be looking up. However, Rachel's suspicions and her job as a police officer have him on edge. Can he finally find a place to call home or will Rachel's suspicions destroy everything he and his son need?

Love Finds You in Sugarcreek Ohio is a charming romance. It incorporates Amish culture with American culture. I found myself intrigued with this small Amish village and all the residents within it.

There is the romantic angle between Joe and Rachel and the mystery regarding Joe's past that keep the reader hooked. It's a well rounded story that will delight those looking for a gentle romance with strong characters.


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