Love Finds You in Deadwood South Dakota - Tracey Cross (Christian Romance)

Released August 2010

When her husband dies, Jane Albright isn't too upset. He was a hard, potentially abusive man, so she and her young son are likely better off without him. That's until she learns that he'd never paid his debts and that the owner of her land, freight company and home, Franklin Lloyd, is giving her three months to move on. Jane manages to convince him to give her six months, but she's pregnant and finding a company willing to take on a woman to transport freight is a huge, seemingly impossible challenge.

Franklin Lloyd quickly becomes enamored with Jane and her young son. However, he knows she's too full of pride to accept charity or agree to another marriage of convenience, so he's determined to watch her back until he can come up with a plan that allows her to pay off the debt as easily as possible without hurting her pride.

Love Finds You in Deadwood South Dakota is another entry into the "Love Finds You..." series. Tracey Bateman/Tracey Cross is a skilled author and I've enjoyed many of her books over the years. Her characters are always strong and likable.

There is another layer to this story that I don't want to reveal as it happens later in the book. It adds incredible tension that truly had me on the edge of my seat wanting to physically get inside the book to smack some sense into a few characters. The story definitely draws you in and keeps you on edge until the situation is resolved.


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