Grace - Shelley Shepard Gray (Christian Romance)

Released November 2010

With Christmas just around the corner, the Brenneman's are looking forward to a huge family gathering and no guests at their bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, a letter arrives announcing an unexpected guest. This letter is followed by another surprise guest who desperately needs a place to stay.

Levi Bender is trying to avoid a painful past and really wants to hide out at the Brenneman Bed and Breakfast. The last thing he wants is to get dragged into a family gathering. Melody Gingerich is pregnant and alone. All she wants is to avoid community gossip and being away from her home in the latter stages of pregnancy seems like the best solution.

While Melody and Levi may want to keep their secrets, Katie Lundy is determined to find out what brought these two strangers to her parents' home. She's not thrilled that their arrival has turned the family holiday into a flurry of activity, but her attentions turn to discovering Levi's and Melody's secrets.

Grace is a charming holiday novel. I started it to fill a few minutes while waiting for dinner to cook and ended up unable to put it down. I was taken in by Melody especially who is so emotionally and physical torn up that the reader can't help but hope that her time at the bed and breakfast really turns things around.

Best of all, there are recipes in the back. I'm thrilled the author included them because the recipe for cinnamon rolls using a yellow cake mix is on my list of things to do during today's very rainy day!


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