Bound, Branded & Brazen - Jaci Burton (Erotic Romance)

Released March 2010

 Bound, Branded & Brazen features a trilogy of novellas set in Oklahoma. Following the death of their uncle, Jolene McMasters asks her sisters to return home to the family ranch. Each novella in this book revolves around a sister's romantic entanglements.

In Bound, Valerie McMasters never thought she'd return to the ranch. She's spent years getting her medical license, working her way into a private practice and forgetting about the husband she left behind. Now she's back and her attraction to Mason is stronger than ever. But she's not set up for ranch life, no matter how great their sexual encounters may be...

Branded finds Brea trying to come to terms with herself. She's had men tell her she's no good at sex, and she's convinced she's a failure. So when the man of her fantasies, a ranch hand named Gage, tries to show her otherwise, she's not sure if he's simply saying it to get what he wants or if she's been wrong about herself.

The final novella, Brazen, features Jolene. Jolene's remained at the ranch all these years and she's definitely fixated on her ranch hand Walker. However, no matter what moves she makes, Walker rebuffs her every advance. She knows he's into her, so why the cold shoulder when things start to heat up?

At heart, this is a contemporary western romance packed with sizzling sexual encounters. The plot of each sister's quest for fulfillment is strong and accentuated by the steamy sex scenes. To me, this is what erotic romance should entail. There's a solid plot with steamy sex in the background, not the other way around.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the McMasters sisters and wouldn't mind trips to the ranch in the future. They were all likable and I'd love to see what happens next.


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