Relative Chaos - Kay Finch (Cozy Mystery)

Released October 2010

Relative Chaos is the first novel in the Klutter Killer Mystery series by Kay Finch. Released by Avalon Books, books are made available in hardcover format and can be quite pricey ($24.95) for the average reader. Given that, I loved the characters. The burgeoning relationship between Poppy Cartwright and the mysterious Wayne McCall has a lot of potential.

In this debut, both for the author and for the cozy mystery series, Poppy is trying to launch her new business. Her first job entails cleaning out decades of her aunt's clutter. What she doesn't know is that her snobbish cousin's impending return to town is the reason behind the mad clean-up.

When Poppy discovers a body in her aunt's garage, she soon learns that her job is not going to go easily. Not only is the house now a crime scene and off limits, she also learns her son has been seen hanging around the property and may be a suspect. Worse, he's disappeared...

My biggest complaint, which may not apply to everyone, is that I figured out the killer's identity and why the killer murdered the victim from virtually the moment of that character's introduction. Knowing the final outcome so early into the book was a little distracting. I felt it was glaringly obvious, but my husband has told me that I tend to be a little too intuitive during movies, so others may miss the clues.

There were lots of things I loved about Relative Chaos. As previously stated, the relationships really worked. I enjoyed the different townspeople and the various relationships. I also enjoyed cheering on Poppy as her business grew. With this, I am eager to see what happens next.


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