Fine Cooking: Appetizers (Cookbook)

Released November 2010

Fine Cooking Appetizers is a compilation of appetizer recipes for all cooking levels. Best of all, many of the recipes adapt easily to dietary guidelines. If you have a low-carb guest, try the Curried Pecans or Greek Salad Skewers. Tackle a healthy seafood feast with Crabmeat-Avocado Quesadillas or Scallop and Mushroom Rosemary Kabobs.

Recipes are divided into six sections:
  • Quick and Simple
  • Passed and Plated
  • Spread and Scooped
  • Sliced and Served
  • Stuffed and Skewered
  • Sips and Sweets

I love cookbooks. With two shelves full of new and old cookbooks, I still find myself searching to fill gaps. I have hundreds of cookbooks, but few really tackle appetizers. Sure, there are recipes out there, but if you're hosting a cocktail party, finding new and exciting recipes can be challenging. Add in diet trends, such as the friend who is going low-carb or the relative watching sugar intake and it's simply frustrating.

Fine Cooking: Appetizers changes all that. You have a solid collection of appetizer recipes that suit any style of party. Try the Stuffed and Skewered selections for a patio party or Passed and Plated options for an elegant cocktail party. At the end of Fine Cooking's cookbook, you'll find a handy metric conversion chart. Along the way, you'll find tips for purchasing foods like corn on the cob or creating Chinese restaurant quality scallion pancakes.


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