Twisted Creek - Jodi Thomas (Contemporary Romance)

Released April 2008

Good and bad come from Twisted Creek. First, the good. This book is incredible. It's a richly written, dynamic, mesmerizing contemporary romance. The bad... It ended. That's it. The book had the audacity to end right when I was dying to see more of the different characters.

Realistically, I'm surprised I liked it so much. I'm not a fan of novels written in first-person. The author has to be on the ball to pen a novel in this manner. Tie this in with the constant switch from first-person (Allie) to third-person (Luke) and I was sure I'd hate the frequent switches. Instead, I found the change up worked.

Allie Daniel's doesn't believe good luck exists. Her mother walked out of her life when Allie was three. She's been raised by her grandparents. When her grandfather died, they came home from the funeral to find an eviction notice. Allie had to quit college to provide for both herself and her grandmother.

When a letter comes from a lawyer in Texas stating she's inherited her late uncle's property and $5,000, Allie is not convinced. First, she doesn't have an uncle. Second, Lady Luck has never smiled on her. Yet, the bank tells her the check is valid. So she and her grandmother pack up and head for Twisted Creek, Texas.

There, Allie fears this new, exciting life will all come crashing down. Not only did she inherit a place to call home, but the building also houses a general store and cafe. Her grandmother loves the townspeople and is happy preparing meals for those who come and go. Allie's kept busy running the storefront and helping in the cafe.

Best of all, Allie's neighbor, the very sexy, yet mysterious, Luke Morgan seems to be more than interested in her. Could Allie's luck really have changed?

I missed Twisted Creek when it first came out. At the time, I was building up my freelance writing business and focusing less on reviewing. What a shame I waited so long to read this book. The writing flows along at a steady pace. It's not rushing to reach the climax, at least not for the majority of the story. Instead, you're whisked into Twisted Creek where you get to know the whimsical townspeople and wonder about their deepest, darkest mysteries.

There is my problem with the book. It did end before I was ready to leave Twisted Creek. I want to read more about Timothy as he dealt with the conflict of what he dreams of doing versus what his father dreams of him doing. I want to know if the very shy Mary Lynn ever finds her happily ever after. I want some form of closure for Mrs. Deals.

I can't find that Jodi Thomas is going to return to Twisted Creek at any point in her writing, but I certainly hope she does!


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