Montana Destiny - R. C. Ryan (Romance)

Released May 2010

Book two in R. C. Ryan's Fool's Gold series peeks into Wyatt McCord's life. He's back at the McCord Ranch and realizing he's really home. EMT Marilee Trainer captures his attention and he's not willing to back away.

Marilee grew up an Army brat moving from location to location. She's not used to lasting friendships, let alone relationships. However, she's now the EMT in Gold Fever, Montana, and finds herself falling head over heels for Wyatt.

Little do Marilee and Wyatt know there's danger lurking around every corner. When Marilee finds another piece of the McCord gold mystery, she brings it to the family's attention. It also captures the attention of someone determined to keep her quiet, at any cost.

Montana Destiny continues the mystery involving the legendary hidden gold while bringing Wyatt and Marilee together. The blend of romance and intrigue is well handled, with equal focus on each. The passion between the two keeps you hooked.

Readers who enjoyed the first novel, Montana Legacy, are treated to glimpses into Jesse and Amy's life together. If you haven't read the first novel, you won't feel like you've missed a key aspect of the story. The author summarizes everything perfectly.


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