Just Desserts - Barbara Bretton (Contemporary Romance)

Released February 2008


As yesterday was completely gorgeous with a steady cool breeze and plenty of sun, I curled up on my freshly stained back deck to enjoy the weather. Two books in hand, I got started with Barbara Bretton's Just Desserts.

Set in New Jersey, Hayley Goldstein owns a charming bakery where she whips up creative cakes. She's a little shocked when she's hired to make a cake for rock star Tommy Stiles, but she's eager to gain the publicity. Little does Hayley know that Tommy has ulterior motives.

Finn Rafferty has been Tommy's personal lawyer for years. In fact, Tommy's been like a father to him throughout the years. When Tommy learns that Hayley may be the daughter he never knew he had, Finn agrees to bring Hayley into Tommy's life by having her create a cake for Tommy's upcoming concert in Atlantic City.

As he spends more time getting to know her, Finn realizes he's falling head over  heels for Hayley. But what happens when the truth is revealed? Will she open her heart to having a rock star dad or hate them both for deceiving her from the start?

All characters in Just Desserts were equally enjoyable. I especially loved the drummer/chef-wannabe Anton who came off as being one of those people I'd love to have to dinner. Unlike many of today's novels where the lead characters are in their 20s, Hayley is almost 40. Having characters nearer my own age is definitely appreciated.

This is a fun romance with a dose of mystery tossed in. Hayley's ex-husband is conspicuously missing and her daughter's going to all ends to see him again. Having that sub-plot added a new layer to the book. There are also two additional sub-plots. One involves Tommy Stiles impending marriage and Hayley's mother's secret. In the end, Barbara Bretton dishes up a great romance that offers unending action from start to finish.


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