An Impartial Witness - Charles Todd (Historical Fiction)

Released September 2010

Bess Crawford is bouncing between her home in London and her duties as a nurse during WWI in France. Transporting a badly wounded soldier back to London, she spies a young woman seeing a soldier off. The woman is crying hysterically and Bess feels bad for her until the woman turns around. This crying woman is the same woman found in the picture the wounded solider's been clutching--his wife.

When that woman is found stabbed to death, Bess comes forward to Scotland Yard to share what she knows. Determined to learn the mystery soldier's identity, Bess begins getting to know the victim's family and friends and learning their deepest secrets.

An Impartial Witness aptly portrays life during WWI. Or, at least, I'm expecting this is a realistic portrayal of life when you worried about food, your loved ones heading off to war and the effects of the war on family and friendships. I'm not fond of history, absolutely hated the classes in school, but this book brings the war to life in an extremely engaging manner. I was drawn in from the very start and felt an immediate sense of urgency to find out who killed Marjorie and why. As the clues are unraveled, you may not feel a huge sense of shock, but you're still riveted to the pages to find out how Bess would discover the truth.


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