Cold Hands, Warm Hearts - Jenny Jacobs (Contemporary Romance)

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Released August 24, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts shares the story of Char Simmons. Char's ex-husband disappeared and police have been sniffing around thinking she might know something about his criminal activities. Worse, her ex-husband disappeared right after she announced their daughter had been diagnosed with cancer. With mounting bills, Char sells their home, packs up and moves to a remote lakeside cabin she's inherited.

Max Wilson is a federal agent and happens to own the cabin next door. His boss presses him to discover all he can about Char. Before he knows it, he's falling for her and despite her situation, he knows she has nothing to do with her former husband's crimes. Proving it becomes his goal.

Jenny Jacob's sophomore attempt is an enjoyable romance with a little action tossed in. I found some of the story line regarding Char's ex-husband to be pretty predictable though. Her daughter is charming, though at times a little mouthy. Thankfully, my kids were never like that at that age! While I enjoyed Char and Max's story, it's not a book I'd place on my keeper shelf.


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