All of Me - Lori Wilde (Contemporary Romance)

Released April 2009

After her mentor District Attorney Blake Townsend dies suddenly, Jillian Samuels finds herself without a job. Her career as the assistant D.A. is over because she refuses to work alongside a man who broke her heart. Finding out her significant other was devastating and having him state he wants to reunite now that he's her boss is too much for Jillian. She leaves her job, life and friends behind when she decides to start anew in Salvation, Colorado.

Tuck Manning's life seemed to end when his wife died of cancer. The only thing he has going for him is the cabin his former father-in-law deeded to him. Tuck's shocked when the woman of his dreams appears in his cabin stating she inherited the cabin from her mentor and the battle is on to see who really owns the cabin now that Blake is dead.

While Jillian searches for Tuck's missing deed, she and Tuck agree to share the cabin. However, it's not easy when the two share an instant attraction. One of them is bound to end up with a broken heart, but neither wants to give up the only place they can call home.

All of Me continues the Wedding Veil Wishes series. A quartet of friends all gain possession of this supposedly magic veil and make a wish hoping it will come true. Jillian is the remaining hold out and definitely does not believe the veil is magical at all because she doesn't believe love exists.

From the start, I was drawn into All of Me. The characters are multi-dimensional and the setting is charming. I love the small town feel, including all the gossipy residents. I enjoyed this book so much I wouldn't mind seeing Lori Wilde return to Salvation in the future so that we can see how things end up for others featured in the story.


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