Unbridled - Beth Williamson (Erotic Romance)

Released July 2010



Hot, hot, hot! Unbridled shares the story of Alex Finley. Alex has spent the past ten years in Los Angeles, far from her father's Wyoming ranch. At 16, Alex's mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Alex's dad split leaving Alex alone to watch her mom die. Her father only reappeared, with a new woman in tow, for her mother's funeral. Alex split after that and hasn't seen or spoken to her father in 10 years.

When her long-time companion dies and his family throws Alex out, she has no option but to return home. There she learns her father died in a tragic accident and Alex is now half owner of the ranch/resort and that she has a half-brother. Worse, the resort manager is a gorgeous cowboy that Alex has a very hard time resisting. All Alex wanted was to confront her father. Instead, she finds herself falling in love, and she's not sure she's ready.

Unbridled has a strong storyline that blends seamlessly with the sizzling romance between Alex and Connor. As they work to unravel each other's secrets and decide if a romance is worth the trouble, readers are definitely engrossed in every word.

It's fun to watch Alex mature and realize that there is more to life than running from her feelings. All in all, this is definitely an erotic romance, but there is so much to the plot that it's an absolutely marvelous contemporary romance too.


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