This is Where I Leave You - Jonathan Tropper (General Fiction)

Released July 2010

Despite their father's atheistic ways, Judd Foxman and his siblings are drawn back to their family home to sit Shiva for a full seven days following their dad's death. Not only is this the first time the entire clan's been together under one roof, it's also the first time Judd's seen any family following his separation. You see Judd caught his wife in bed with his boss and suffice it to say nothing between them is currently pleasant, despite her pleas to make things as amicable as possible.

Grieving the loss of his father and the end of his marriage, Judd's reeling in more ways than one. Toss in a surprise announcement that his soon to be ex is also pregnant and Judd's life takes a whole new leap into confusion.

This is Where I Leave You made me laugh one minute, tear up the next and walk away feeling incredibly satisfied. Situations the characters find themselves in are painted in a forthright manner with the occasional surprise thrown in to catch you off guard.

This is a perfect beach read. It has a dose of romance, plenty of witty moments and characters with his and her own quirks that make them all memorable.


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