Still the One - Robin Wells (Contemporary Romance)

Released May 2010

I had to undergo a minor surgical procedure a couple weeks ago and between medications and being told not to move too much, particularly bending, so that I don't tear open the incision, well I'm going nuts. No moving around much is an absurd thing for someone who needs to walk her daily mile and enjoys getting out and tending to her gardens. As a result, I've been trying to find books that really take me away from my annoyances and keep me wanting to remain laid down and reading!

Still the One managed to do exactly that. Once started, I just didn't want to walk away. I needed to know how things worked out for Katie, Zach, their daughter and Katie's in-law's.

In Still the One, Katie Charmaine is still grieving the loss of her young husband when a high school romance returns to her life. Seems the daughter Katie gave up as a teen is back in her life and definitely not enjoying the family reunion.

Gracie's adoptive parents were killed in a tragic accident. Her aunt can't handle her and agrees to let Gracie's birth parents raise her until she turns 18. The problem is Gracie's mad with the world, most of all the woman who didn't love her enough to keep her. Adding to the situation is the fact that Gracie is pregnant. Katie and Zach are brand new at parenting and definitely not sure how to handle a mixed-up teen who wants nothing to do with them and needs them more than she's willing to admit.

Years ago, I mentored a pregnant teen. Her situation was unique because on top of being pregnant, she was expecting twins and having complications. I remember many of her fears about labor, delivery and the babies themselves. Robin Wells nailed it with Gracie. She does an outstanding job capturing Gracie's youth, uncertainty and also Gracie's knowledge that she must learn to change her ways for the sake of the baby.

I loved the romance between Zach and Katie. There are struggles, real struggles, because of their past and Katie's strong ties to her deceased husband. I think this aspect of the novel was poignant and definitely layered on emotion.

Robin Wells made me laugh, cry and smile with immense satisfaction throughout Still the One. It's a great romance by an author I've really enjoyed over the years. If you want a romance that grabs you from the start, this is a great book to curl up with!

Now if only we'll get to return to Chartreuse, Louisiana, once more to find out how Gracie is doing! I'm crossing my fingers that the author skips ahead a few years and returns us to Gracie's life.


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