Nauti and Wild - Lora Leigh & Jaci Burton (Erotic Romance)

Released August 2010

Nauti and Wild is definitely steamy! In Lora Leigh's novella, Sierra Lucas harbors an incredible crush on her John Walker. The problem is John's father is Sierra's very protective godfather. For all intents and purposes,  Sierra and John have grown up more like siblings than anything. Sierra's knowledge that John's fiancee is cheating on him weighs heavy and she can't ignore it anymore. John's hurt and turns to Sierra for comfort. After a one night tryst, Sierra shuts John out and he leaves the city.

When Sierra is brutally assaulted, John's father asks John to watch over Sierra until the criminal is caught. Having Sierra on his houseboat is certain to lead to other things, but is John ready to admit his feelings for her? If he does, will his emotions get in the way of her safety?

Nauti Kisses continues the Nauti Series. Fans of that series will be delighted with the quick glimpse into former characters' lives, but newcomers will certainly not feel left out. The action is hot, but the romance is scorching! If you like steamy, character driven romances, this will not disappoint!

Jaci Burton's offering, Riding the Edge, another tale from the Wild Riders Series. In this novella, Rick Benetti receives his latest assignment. He's going undercover into his cousin's ruthless biker gang to protect a senator's daughter. For whatever reason, Ava Vargas has decided to throw away her master's degree and join the biker gang.

Little does Rick know, he's about to fall fast and hard for the exotic beauty. The harder he falls, the more he realizes he must keep her safe from his cousin's criminal activities.

Rick and Ava both are instantly likable. Once the story sets up Rick's background and the reasons for Ava's joining the biker gang, the reader is in for a wild ride!

Riding the Edge is also very steamy and well paired with Nauti Kisses. Both stories offer a strong does of romantic suspense without overpowering the very sensual romances.


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