Intent to Kill - James Grippando (Suspense)

Released July 2010

Three years after the tragic hit and run death of his wife, Ryan James has settled into a job as a radio host rather than the baseball star he seemed destined to become. His world is thrown for a loop when he receives a note on the anniversary of her death stating "I know who did it."

With this revelation, the case takes place in the forefront once again. When evidence comes to light that Ryan's brother-in-law, an autistic teen, may be to blame, Ryan becomes determined to unravel the truth and move on.

James Grippando is a masterful author when it comes to creating an edge-of-the-seat suspense novel with endearing characters. I like to try to resolve the mystery to a book before I reach the end, and this time I was stumped. Now, this is partially due to a piece of evidence revealed towards the end. You end up with a story there's no way you'll solve before the truth is revealed by the author.

Intent to Kill is a great summer read. It's a book that you can take your time and savor.


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