His Hired Baby - Jacqueline Diamond (Category Romance)

Released August 2010


Kate Evans survived the tragic death of her husband and is the best single mom she can be to her five-year-old son. However, being a widow doesn't come easy and she needs money to return to school to get her degree. Wanting to move on with her life, she agrees to be a surrogate for a couple facing serious infertility issues.

When Kate learns that the woman she's promised her unborn child to has walked away from her husband, Kate begins to have second thoughts. She's promised to give the child to Tony Franco, a busy lawyer, but will he have time for his new daughter after her arrival? She sees the pain her son faces not having a father around, so how could she put another child through that?

I'm a sucker for Jacqueline Diamond's Harlequin romances. They always contain strong families and the complication of having an innocent child in the mix. Because they're shorter in length, it's easy to read them in one sitting and you always get emotionally wrapped up in the characters' lives.

His Hired Baby is the second entry in the Safe Harbor Medical series. If you haven't read the first story, it's not essential, though I enjoyed catching up with Jennifer and Ian. This is another strong entry, especially if you enjoy single parent/baby themed romances. Jackie's one of my favorite Harlequin writers and it's because her books are emotionally charged, leaving you feeling warm and cozy.

I find myself craving the shorter romances on hot summer days. They're perfect for the poolside or a quick read before curling up to go to sleep. His Hired Baby is definitely one worth reading.


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