Heart and Soul - Maeve Binchy (General Fiction)

Released February 2010


All Frank Ennis wants it to sell off a storage building owned by St. Brigid's Hospital. Selling the building could bring much needed cash to the hospital. However, the other hospital board members disagree and feel it would be best used if turned into a cardiac treatment center. He's not happy with the outcome.

Clara Casey is chosen to head up the new cardiac center. She's not getting a lot of leeway from Frank who is determined to give her as little money as possible to get the center outfitted, remodeled and fully staffed. Clara, however, is determined that this cardiac center is going to be a success.

Along with a staff ranging from a young Polish girl who is turned from panhandler to a Gal Friday to a handsome young doctor with the best possible bedside manner, Clara's dreams take flight, but on the home front, Clara's personal life isn't as easy.

All of the characters in Maeve Binchy's Heart and Soul are very likable. While many aspects of the novel take place within the walls of the cardiac center, many more occur in the personal lives of the cardiac center's staff. It's part drama, part romance and definitely warm and inviting.

I've always loved Maeve Binchy's books, they capture families and the dilemmas they face. Things are handled realistically and you may not always find things working out as you would imagine, but that's what makes the stories so real. Life doesn't always provide fairy tale endings. The journey to finding out how things end up for each character is what matters most!


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