Long Division - Jane Berentson (General Fiction)

Released June 29, 2010


Let me start by saying, this is not a new Jane Berentson novel. Long Division is simply a new name for April 2009's Miss Harper Can Do It: A Novel.

In Long Division, Annie Harper, a third grade teacher, is missing her boyfriend something fierce. He's off in Iraq fighting a war Annie doesn't really support, but she's there for her loved one every step of the way. Through emails, the occasional phone call and letters, Annie and David keep in touch even though they are miles apart.

To pass time, Annie decides to write a memoir. Readers are treated to a very personal view of Annie as she starts to form new activities ranging from volunteering at an elderly home to raising chicken, and form closer bonds with her friends, particularly long-time best friend Gus. What Annie learns about herself in the process is really the heart of the story.

Honestly, I couldn't stop reading Annie's story, but I was surprised it took her so long to figure out a few things. I kept reading simply because I couldn't understand how she could be so blind to the woman she really is and where her passions truly leaned. Would I say this is the greatest novel of all time? No! However, it does have a quirky fresh feel that shows promise. I'm eager to see what the author does next.


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