The Best Gift - Wendy Markham (Time Travel Romance)

Released November 2009

The Best Gift picks up where If Only in My Dreams left off.  Clara is married to Drew and expecting their first child. They've moved to California, a big change, and Clara's still settling into life on the opposite coast. When an earthquake hits, Clara wakes up a few years into the future. She's hugely pregnant, but Drew and the baby she should have given birth two a couple years earlier are sadly absent from her life. Uncertainty abounds as Clara tries to figure out what's happened to her happily ever after and with the catastrophic earthquake that sent her forward in time.

I adored If Only in My Dreams and was eager to see where the story would go with The Best Gift. For those who didn't read Clara's previous story, enough back-story is given to catch you up. The Best Gift is absorbing. I curled up in bed and read it from start to finish in a couple of hours--hooked into the story from the first page!

My only issue with this latest book was the bouncing from past to future. Claire doesn't stay in the future and resolve the mysterious absence of her child and Drew, she bounces back and forth frequently making it necessary to keep on top of which year she's in. For me, it aggravated me having to go back to the present when I was dying to know what happened with Drew and their child.

 Nonetheless, stick with the story. The ending offers a few surprises that definitely made this story worthwhile! And if you haven't read If Only in My Dreams, I definitely urge you to get that book too!


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