Shut Up and Kiss Me - Christie Craig (Romantic Suspense)

Released June 2010

All she wants is to get her job done, but Shala Winters is not having an easy time of it. Though she never took pictures during a Native American ceremony, Sky Gomez confiscates her camera and refuses to give it back until the week is up. She needs the camera to finish her job, but he's not caving.

When someone breaks into a number of buildings trying to get the camera. Sky becomes concerned. Someone wants the picture card and is willing to kill to get it. Sky's falling for Shala and doesn't want to see her become the next victim. The pair team up to discover what Shala photographed that's so important, all while keeping a step ahead of a killer.

I curled up in the sun and spent a good two hours unable to stop reading this book. It grabbed me from the start and held my interest until the very end. Here's to hoping there's more to come from Precious, Texas.

Shut Up and Kiss Me definitely has steamy moments, but it's well balanced with a solid mystery and engaging sub-plots. Christie Craig throws in plenty of humor that is slightly reminiscent of Janet Evanovich or Sandra Hill. The fire ant scene involving Sky's foster brother cracked me up, but as events progressed for that character, I couldn't help but feel bad for him!


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