Lies of the Heart - Michelle Boyajian (General Fiction)

Released April 15, 2010

Katie Burelli's husband is dead. Nick worked as a speech therapist at a center for mentally challenged men and women. Sadly, Nick was murdered by a mentally handicapped man, Jerry, who the couple mentored. The trial is heating up and Katie's slowly withdrawing. She feels lost and is unsure what to do with herself. You see, Katie's perfect marriage wasn't quite so perfect. As Katie relives her marriage and Jerry's place in their lives, she begins to question who she is and what she needs from life.

Lies of the Heart is set in Warwick, Rhode Island and captures a lot of the appeal of a New England town. Almost every aspect of this story tugged at my heart. I could feel Katie's pain, disillusionment and even bewilderment at why Jerry would shoot the man he adored. That mystery unravels slowly throughout the novel.

Lies of the Heart opens with a bang and really never lets up. For a debut novel, this book is gripping. However, there were a couple aspects of the book that didn't quite work for me. Jerry's fetish towards shoes is never explained to my satisfaction and I wasn't even sure why that had to be a point carried throughout the story. I also felt the ending was a little rushed. I still find myself thinking "and then what."

With Amazon selling the hardcover version of Lies of the Heart for under $10, I definitely think this is book worth purchasing. It's got a touch of legal drama, a little romance, some mystery and powerful views into relationships.


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