I Can See You - Karen Rose (Suspense)

May 2010 (Paperback)


Women are dying one by one -- all crime scenes are staged to look like suicides. Detective Noah Webster knows better. He and his lackadaisical partner, Jack, realize there is a serial killer on the lam.

Eve Wilson was victim of a madman years ago. Her body and mind remain scarred by the vicious attack. When she realizes her thesis project is linked to the killings, she turns to the one man she feels she can trust, Noah.

Eve's thesis project involves studying participants in an online world where you control an avatar's social life. Her study focuses on the addictive nature of the game and how game play increases one's self-esteem. The killer lurks in the online world too and is somehow figuring out the avatars' true identities.

Their attraction to one another is obvious, but Eve and Noah cannot let their guard down. The killer has his eye on the final kill and all clues point to Eve.

I've been reading Karen Rose's books for years. Her turn to suspense novels delighted me and I Can See You is one of her best yet. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought I had the killer pegged numerous times, but failed miserably. In the end, I was just as shocked as the main characters.

Many characters in I Can See You will be familiar to long-time Rose fans. Eve, Caroline and Tom all played a part in the 2006 story Don't Tell.


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