Dead and Kicking - Wendy Roberts (Cozy Mystery)

Released December 2009

Fans of Ghost Whisperer will love Dead and Kicking, the latest installment in the Ghost Dusters Mystery series. I've grown off the televisions series about a woman who sees and communicates with the dead, so finding Wendy Roberts series is a godsend!

Dead and Kicking appears to be the third book in the series, and I'll have to go back and read the others. This book certainly works well as a stand-alone novel, but I'm intrigued and want more! The heroine, Sadie Novak, runs a cleaning business, but it's the remains of those who've died that she cleans up. She'll clean up after suicides, murders and other deaths, but what people don't know is that she's also able to communicate with those who've died. She cleans up all traces of their death physically and helps them cross over.

In this novel, Sadie's father recently passed away, but his ghost refuses to move on. That makes it harder for Sadie because she misses him and really isn't sure she's ready for him to leave. Sadie's equally confused when her boyfriend returns to his drug/alcohol problems and is caught in a compromising situation with his ex-girlfriend.

But it's Sadie's latest cleaning job that is proving to be most difficult. While removing boxes from the home of a pack rat, Sadie comes across the mummified body of an infant and a very angry ghost who will physically harm anyone who tries to remove boxes from areas of the home. The ghost has no ties to the family, so Sadie's unsure why he's there and must unravel the clues by asking the homeowner, a woman with Alzheimer's.

I couldn't put Dead and Kicking down. I started reading it during my husband's Yankees vs. Red Sox game and found myself reading non-stop for a few hours. I loved the honest tie Sadie has to the ghostly remains of men and women, and I appreciated the realities of the situations that Sadie faces. She's human, makes errors in judgment and best of all, knows when it's time to stand up for herself.


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