Bookplate Special - Lorna Barrett (Cozy Mystery)

Released November 2009

Heroine Tricia Miles has had her fill of her two-week visitor. Pammy Fredericks needed a place to stay for a weekend and hasn't left. Tricia's determined to boot her friend out, especially now that Pammy's affecting Tricia's business. Tricia owns Haven't Got a Clue, a small-town bookstore, and loves her thriving business. The last thing she needs is her sudden guest scaring away her best customers.

After successfully getting Pammy to move on, Tricia figures all will return to normal. However, Pammy's body is found in a dumpster behind Tricia's sister's cafe. To clear her name, Tricia dives into another murder case.

I've missed the previous Booktown Mystery novels. Bookplate Special is a charming story with engaging characters and a cozy town reminiscent of the Vermont town in which I live.

The mystery itself did throw in a surprise I didn't see coming. I loved that honest approach that will change the way future novels turn out. I also loved the exploration into Freegans, something that's been making the headlines around here thanks to a group of college students. I think it's great that Freeganism is starting to expose how much store waste is still completely usable.


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book, and hope you get a chance to read Murder is Binding and Bookmarked for Death. (Chapter & Hearse, the 4th Booktown Mystery) will be released on August 3rd.


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