The Sweetheart's Knitting Club - Lori Wilde (Contemporary Romance)

Released November 2009

Flynn MacGregor fell head over heels with the town's bad boy, Jesse Calloway, as a teen. That's why it came as such a shock when he was arrested for drugs and thrown into jail. Ten years later, Jesse's back and Flynn is just as smitten with him now as she was then. The problem is Jesse was in jail for a crime he's always sworn he didn't commit and that the evidence was planted.

The difference now is that Flynn's been seeing a former classmate. Beau is now sheriff and while she may have reservations about marrying him, the townspeople respect him and he's always been good to her. When Beau beings urging her to set a date, Flynn finds herself torn. Should she settle with a man she admires or throw caution to the wind and choose the man she feels certain is her soulmate.

The Sweetheart's Knitting Club didn't throw any twists in that shocked me. The story is straightforward. Romantic trysts between Jesse and Flynn heat up the pages and I liked seeing their relationship progress.

My biggest problem with The Sweetheart's Knitting Club is that the heroine seemingly lacks any intuition. She's engaged to a man she doesn't love and who comes across as very controlling, yet she never sees it. I suppose given her backstory, she's cared for a sick mom, alcoholic father and siblings for years, but even then I have a hard time that she'd be so blind to the overly possessive nature of he fiance.Without giving away any spoilers, the ending itself left me cold. I definitely would have preferred one of the plots to be finalized more than it was.

Overall, I enjoyed Lori Wilde's latest offering. I won't say it was her best because I definitely think You Only Love Twice far surpasses this one. There is another novel set in Twilight, Texas, coming out soon. Maybe that unresolved storyline will be finalized in this new offering; I hope so anyway!


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