The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square - Rosina Lippi (Women's Fiction)

Released March 2009

You know, I really, really loved this book. It's everything I like in romance. Chemistry is plentiful. The characters are engaging and easy to relate with. Even the setting drew me in. It's easy to imagine living in Lamb's Corner and never wanting to leave. When I learned that author Rosina Lippi is one of my favorite authors Sara Donati, I now have some additional books to find!

Julia Darrow left Chicago with a broken heart and started a new life in Lamb's Corner. There she owns a charming antique linens and pajama shop. While she's friendly with the townspeople, she doesn't want to share her past or her secrets.

Every year or so, John Dodge packs up and leaves for a new location. He spends his months purchasing failing businesses, building them up and then moving on to the next challenge. He never expects to find love in a small town and he's not really sure it's the right thing when he knows he'll be moving on soon enough.

However, Dodge falls head over heels with Julia. He knows he'll never settle down, so is it fair to try to learn her secrets when he'll be leaving?

The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square doesn't rush to the ending. The narrative and dialogue travel steadily, but at a slower pace, making the book great brain food. While the reader has a little more insight into Julia's past, it's still awesome to witness Dodge unraveling the pieces and learning a little about himself in the process.


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