One True Love - Lori Copeland (Historical)

Released March 2010

While this may be the third novel in the Belles of Timber Creek series, I didn't feel that I was missing any pertinent background. As a stand alone novel, I think One True Love works extremely well. Characters from the previous two books have minor rolls in Lori Copeland's latest, but the key focus is on Copper Wilson.

Copper is happily involved in her new job as a school teacher, but things go awry when a cat and dog break into her school room and begin fighting. In the melee, the wood stove is knocked over and fire breaks out. Meanwhile, the vicious dog is blocking the doorway and the windows won't open. Copper is able to rescue two students trapped inside, but badly injures herself in the process. Her only hope of ever being able to use her ankle again involves traveling to Colorado to see a doctor more capable of treating her.

This leaves Copper stuck with wagon master Josh Redlin. She's met him before and they definitely did not get along, but now her fate rests in Josh's hands. Like it or not, she's stuck with him, and pretty soon, she realizes she kind of likes it!

One True Love is a gentle romance. While it is a Christian fiction offering, I enjoyed the fact that the couple were able to express some emotion through stolen kisses. Some Christian authors skip over those aspects, but I like the realism. Christian or not, affection is meant to be shared! With this novel, I enjoyed every step of their journey together and hope that this isn't the end of our visits to Thunder Ridge.


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