Hers for the Evening - Jasmine Haynes (Erotic Romance/Anthology)

Released May 2010


Hers for the Evening consists of three novellas. In the first, Three's a Crowd, Courtney O'Brien wants to revitalize her love life. While she and her husband Seth are still happily married, their sex life has been hit or miss. Their girls are growing and off at college, but Seth is busy with his job and it often seems too busy for her.

Sparking a plan to put a spark back in their marriage, Courtney calls her friend Devon and asks her to set up a wild weekend where Courtney and a courtesan will give Seth an evening he'll never forget.

Devon Parker gets her own story in Stand-in. She's been hot for her business partner for a long time, but being business, they can't risk a relationship. To ease her sexual frustration, she calls Courtesans and gets a Hunter Nash look-alike. What she doesn't know is that Hunter sees her tryst and wants in.

Finally, Simon Foster wants nothing more than Haley Ventura to forgive him in Surrender to Me. After learning her deceased husband was having an affair, in Simon's bed no less, Haley shut Simon out of her life. She's been a widow now for a year and Simon wants to move on and win her heart. With a call to the Courtesans, Simon arranges to make Haley's biggest fantasy come true.

All three novellas feature older, 40-somethings. For the romance reader who wants more mature characters, this is a good choice providing you like a lot of heat. This is erotica so the sexual encounters are graphic, yet I found extremely tasteful. I don't mind erotica, but many books rely on crude terminology. Jasmine Haynes manages to make the book extremely sexy without having to revert to the really crass language. I loved that.

Of all the stories, I have to say I liked Surrender to Me most. The characters, particularly Haley, showed impressive growth from start to finish. She had hurdles to overcome and did so with grace.


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