The Bride Collector - Ted Dekker (Suspense/Mystery)

Released April 2010

They're made to look beautiful, they're posed in a veil and then they're drained of blood. At the crime scene, he leaves a cryptic note. That's the MO of the Bride Collector and Special Agent Brad Raines is determined to stop him. However, before he can stop the madman's murders, he must figure out who the Bride Collector is. This means teaming up with a group of brilliant, yet mentally ill men and women from the Center of Wellness and Intelligence.

Brad finds himself intrigued by Paradise, a young woman who has a special connection with the bodies. She's able to "see" everything play out. The problem is that she doesn't always remember what she's seen. When the killer targets those close to Brad, he realizes that he may need to take drastic steps to reveal the killer's identity before another victim is chosen.

Can I suggest not curling up in the sun unless sun screen is at hand. With a sunburned nose and cheeks, my dedication to reading this book is very clear. The characters fascinated me. The pacing was superb. While readers know the killer's name, the actual revelation of his identity surprised me and that doesn't often happen with mystery novels. A few twists took me by surprise and I find myself wondering if changing those aspects would have made the book better or given it less of a dramatic impact.

Regardless, this is a creepy novel that gets into the head of a serial killer and gives you reasons behind his madness. Because the action is told from Brad's, Paradise's and the killer's perspectives, you get a very clear glimpse into all of the action.


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